International marketing professional with +10 years experience across B2C & B2B marketing - track record in branding, communications, PR, and CRM. Avid learner and out-of-the-box thinker driven by diverse experiences across luxury, consulting and automotive industries as well as Chinese and European cultures. Passionate integrator of solutions and teams - fostering a performing team approach.


Katie is a pragmatic visionary focusing on identifying and bringing together the resources necessary to grow and scale the business. She developed the start-up mindset from building a luxury lifestyle platform together with the founders as the first employee, while she sharpened her business acumen from investment banking where she originated and oversaw the execution of cross-border M&A deals.


Min is the tech lead of MONiD. He single-handedly designed and developed MONiD, bringing it to life with the first customer. Min spent over 10 years as a full stack developer in the online advertising and financial industries. Since 2017, Min dedicated his efforts to blockchain development and created some of the most exciting blockchain applications such as KaleidoSwap and DigitalKaleido.