Take control of your credentials with the MONiD Wallet

You have been collecting paper and plastic representations of your identity, achievements, certifications, and experiences since you were a child. But until now, there has been no standard way to do this digitally. 


MONiD allows you to simplify your digital life by obtaining digital versions of all these credentials so that they’re there when you need them. With MONiD Wallet, you can access all the services supported by MONiD through SSI easily, securely, and privately.


Store and manage your verifiable credentials all in one place, created and verified by trusted credential providers

Create or digitalize your data into credentials that can be verified by trusted credential verifiers


Share your digital identity and credentials on a need-to-know basis with service providers, protecting your data and privacy

Track and manage who can access your credentials

Own and manage your own data without having to worry about loss of privacy.

Freed from repeated form filling and complex identity verification process, you can simply consent and share your credentials for new requests.

Gain quick and easy access to new products and services
MONiD Mobile SDK

MONiD Mobile SDK is the best tool for developers to empower your apps with Self Sovereign Identity

White Label Service

MONiD can offer a mobile wallet branded and structured just how you’d like, we already have great customers onboarded