MONiD Astra: a flexible, cross-chain standard for decentralized identity built on MONiD

MONiD Astra is an identity protocol for open applications built with MONiD ecosystem. It allows developers to associate any data to users to build up a unified digital identity, and enables applications to break down silos by exchanging a users's data among other MONiD Astra applications upon user consent.

Astra SDK

Astra SDK is the easy-to-use tool for developers to build DID based applications compatible with MONiD ecosystem, without having to have any blockchain knowledge. All applications built by Astra SDK can exchange data with other applications through the MONiD Astra protocol. 

MONiD Astra App Store

MONiD Astra App Store is a managed trusted marketplace that connects supply (developers, DID based decentralized apps) with demand (wallet users) to form a synergistic ecosystem.

All applications developed with the Astra SDK can be discovered and downloaded from MONiD Astra App Store by wallet users. Users have a single entry point to access all MONiD enabled applications at their fingertips.

MONiD Token

MONiD Token will be used as a form of settlement between participants to a credential-based transaction within the ecosystem. The MONiD token paid in a transaction is distributed to the app developers, credential validators and the users as a reward for sharing and verifying information. It will also serve to incentivize all participants to contribute to the ecosystem.

Using a dedicated token to facilitate transactions in the MONiD ecosystem is advantageous in that:

  • It aligns the incentives across all of the MONiD network’s participants including issuers, validators, token holders, and the MONiD Astra developers, and ensures collaboration and growth.

  • It can be used across any number of jurisdictions, simplifying the form of settlement to a unique one

  • Using a blockchain-based token enables automatic settlements with smart contract

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MONiD Cloud Agent API

MONiD has highly available, highly scalable, turnkey APIs for developers to integrate for free