MONiD is an ever-expanding ecosystem of interconnected apps and services, built for decentralized identities.

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MONiD solves today's hardest decentralized identity problems


Blockchain applications are complex and difficult to understand for developers

  • User friendly admin dashboard UI

  • Mobile SDK and API for developers even without experience on blockchain


Decentralized identity solutions are siloed and cannot transfer assets between each other.

  • MONiD supports different decentralized identity protocols internally and enables value data exchange between different protocols


Decentralized identity solutions require various data verifiers and requesters to get onboard to set up the value chain

  • Tenant model for enterprises to onboard easily

  • Cloud Agent API specified for issuers and verifiers


Both data schema customization and distributed ledger technology designs are bottleneck for decentralized identity solutions

  • Highly customizable data schema

  • One-tenant-per-node design allows each single-tenant node to be customizable and remain independent in their governance

Launch your decentralized identity applications today

MONiD provides the simplest abstractions and the most useful tools to remove the barriers so you can start implementing self-sovereign identity today.